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Your irony detector seems broken too.

just posting comment online i don't believe u have to use proper grammar and full sentence/ paragraphical struture.
And me I don't believe you expect people will read your indigestible wall of text.

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TQ's movement system is the best one I've encountered for an action-rpg (PC).
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I'd really like to see it get this and the ability to map attack to a button.
That's so i can take an old Atari style joystick and play on the easiest setting Gauntlet style;
Naturally the accuracy would be heaps low, but would be hell fun to get my kids in on playing it more easily.

The accuracy thing can be fixed with a sort of strafe button mapping or even an auto-target nearest by direction (though arguably that would probably require significantly more programing than strafe).

Still it'd bring a more unique gamemode to Grim Dawn helping it keep fresh.
Could you imagine people trying to take it on hardcore with 3-4 buttons and a directional pad lolz that would be an epic beer night struggle
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I'm fine how it is, but if there are some option for it i'm okay, but should be optional.. Alot of us prefer the old school point and click system.
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These kinds of games are always best with direct input movement. I would encourage Crate to consider atleast having it as an option. I use Xpadder on a 360 controller to play all my pc stuff. I usually use a hybrid controller/mouse control style and WASD is so easy to map.

The first game I ever played in this genre was Diablo on PS1. That is what got me into action RPGs and I hate that so many pc versions ignore the controller in favor of a keyboard. Don't get me wrong, some games just don't match up well with a controller or have too many input needs. Action RPGs just aren't that way. They use minimal key strokes and involve alot of direction changing, especially if you want to dodge effectively. I already have a working setup for Diablo 3 which works fine but would be so much better with WASD movement as an option. Personally I can not overstate how important controller support or atleast direct input would be for me. Thanks.
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WASD controls were requested at Blizzcon in the D3 dev pow-wow. The lead dev (forgot his name, don't care to remember it) explained how he thought that wouldn't make for a good experience and wouldn't be included.

Amongst the boos and groans, I thought, "He didn't ask for your opinion, he asked for it to be included."

This was the sole reason I did not pre-order D3. Now that its released, we see dev hubris makes for some quality garbage. (I'm with the OP; I just fired up Guild Wars again after 5 years.) Additionally, click-to-move was the reason I only played D1 & 2 and Torchlight only once.

I put up with it in Titan Crack (most addictive game I've ever played) but it definitely detracted from my experience.

I am a PC gamer, where the "P" stands for personal. If I wanted someone else to tell me what I like and what's good for me, I'd own a console instead.

I am also over 40 and repetitive-stress injury is a factor, so even if I wanted click-to-move, it isn't really an option.

I don't understand why some see this as either-or when we can have both and please everyone; its not often that's possible.

Click-to-move is awkward, clunky, counter-intuitive and counter-productive. Perhaps its my FPS roots but:

- find mouse pointer
- move mouse pointer to desired location
- click to move
- refocus, find desired foe
- click on foe
- notice I am running towards foe (to give him a hug? 'cause I'm not attacking him like I wanted)
- get smacked in face by foe
- if not dead, move pointer away from foe and click somewhere, anywhere!
- re-imagine the water-in-mineshaft flee scene from Indiana Jones to avert feelings of inadequacy
- if still not dead, go to first step

takes far longer than:

- press movement key(s) or move G13 stick

Replies that state, "You can [instead]" are workarounds when a workaround shouldn't be necessary.

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I am one of many PC gamers who would love to see some alternative form of movement control available. As others have already stated, it does not need to be the only thing available, nor even the dominant mode of traversing. But I would be very, very disappointed with this entire project if it were not at least an option. Flash games everywhere have incorporated WASD into isometric perspectives, and I know from personal experience that coding the segment for it isn't all that difficult. Even if I end up having to open the main game directory and editing a couple parameters within the .cfg file to enable hotkey-enabled movement, I would be more or less satisfied. Having to deal with a game that is hard-coded NOT to use hotkey-enabled movement would be unacceptable.

If you prefer point-and-click movement, that is fine. I have no problem with that being included in the game, even if I don't ever intend to use it. But imagine it this way: what if GrimDawn were instead slated to use only WASD movement? I'm sure you lot would be about as unhappy as the rest of us. I'm not stating that WASD is better. That's as impossible an assertion to make as announcing that point-and-click is better. There is no "better" in this: only preferential. And judging from the responses in this thread, the preferences are split roughly 50-50. Why cater to only one half when you can almost as easily cater to both halves, especially when the capability to do so can almost literally be copied and pasted from the internet?
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I played a lot of sacred 2 and always used the WASD to move around... and now playing D3, I find it a bit clumsy using just the mouse... Pls add it in
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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
I think WASD would be great for a cross-platform shooter ARPG. However, WASD + Melee = FAIL. At least, in order for it to work effectively and not feel really clunky, we'd have to totally change our combat system in ways that I don't have the brainpower available to imagine right now.
I felt exactly this way. WASD + ranged = fine, WASD + melee = fail. But then I played Smashmuck Champions and after playing a few games, I realized it works well even for melee characters. I could not play Sacred, as I simply couldn't stomach the overall feel (not exactly why, I just felt horribly playing it), so I have no idea how that works, but this Smashmuch scheme really does work well and is not clunky at all, despite my preconception.

But I can quite understand it would require lots of work, so I'm not gonna beat the dead horse any more.
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I think WASD movement controls just make sense if you can attack/use skills while walking. As this isn't given in this kind of ARPG's it doesn't really make sense to add WASD controls.
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