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Hi Slay, thanks for the feedback! Yes, we will definitely something like artifacts in the game. We won't have as much equipment to begin with due to our small team-size but the good news is that we plan to continue working on the game and updating it for years to come. Eventually I hope we can even surpass the amount of equipment in TQ.
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or start making a GD2

but yeah sounds good, no worries on the equipment list, then again, start small then expand, as long as there is enough to complete the game with, then that will be fine

but I seriously can't wait for the alpha, I'm itching to give that a go once released, and everything I have seen so far, makes me itch for it even more

any word when that will happen? or is that still NDA / can't disclose as you don't know or don't want to tell us at this time, or all of the above?

but seriously can't wait
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Hey will there be set items like in tq and like rarities? (sorry if i mispelled that) such as Grey (broken) White (common) Yellow (uncommon) and so on.
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maybe this thread could be combined with other video threads and or deleted. just a suggestion since not much activity
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Originally Posted by BigDit View Post
maybe this thread could be combined with other video threads and or deleted. just a suggestion since not much activity
If anything old posts could be locked (and some have been).

Otherwise don't post (just read) in the older threads because that is necroing and can be rather annoying to see all these old threads popping out in the "New" Posts area.
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