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Another complain :

The dismemberment should be nicer if the pieces of meat jump in the extension of the shock instead of every direction.

Yeah I'm really unfair
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Anyone notice the friendly AI in the beginning? Speaking of which - what's that double upwards arrow on one of the AI guys? Buff? Level up?

Also - I noticed some zombies wearing vests and things (mostly a few greens and blue zombies), is that part of the WYSIWYG system? I'm assuming yes cause I can't imagine texturing the same zombie several times just to add a piece of equipment. (first one appears @22secs)

Player grunts at 22 seconds, nearby enemies fall to the ground, yet get up later. Knockdown is in the game now?! YES. (can we get the name of the skill?)

Green zombie - hazardous to the environment? Acidic puke @24 secs?

25 seconds - blue zombie hits player, player gets 2 new aura effects - the huge glowy fiery one, and a snowflake one. Slow effect/cold damage on hit from blue zombie?! (he does attack slower, pay attention guys)

30 seconds - said blue zombie with armor gibs and drops an enormous, wicked looking sword.

1:01 - massive gazer appears. This tells us we have champion gazers in addition to regular ones! COOL.

1:19 - player drinks a potion. No animation, but he steps back from battle and begins glowing with red + marks. Either an HP pot, or a spell with no animation, no sound, and no visual effect (aside from the red things)

@Medierra or Rhis, is the entire game going to be setup this way? I mean, TONS of mobs, nice variety, (green,blue,plain zombies, super mutants, mega mutants, 2 gazer types and more) and several heroes in between? It looks like a lesser version of xmax, but with more guys and guys that don't get 1shotted.

PS: vanishing corpse haters - enjoy your persistent corpses that lag your game in TQIT. I believe this is a necessary step to minimize lag and ensure we can fight MORE guys on the same screen.

PSS to the "huge glowy fiery aura" haters - I THINK that's a passive, not an activate-able aura, because he does NOTHING to activate it unless it's instant cast. I'm guessing medierra almost died and triggered "Will to Live". I'm not fond of the effect myself, just saying I don't think he triggered it. Watch the video, it activates immediately after blue zombie hits him.
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Thank you very much for this first pre-alpha impression. Nearly everything feels right and I instantly got this Titan Quest feeling I hoped for.

Something that doesn't feel right is the gravity. The bodies are floating like in slow motion to the ground and it look strange to see a body rise in the air, when the stroke of the mace is a stroke from the side oder top.
I hope you guys find some time to look after this.

I have no problem with disappearing corpses, but not if they are vanishing just seconds after beeing killed. It would be cool, if this could be configurated via the options menu (i.e. instantly, after 1 Minute, after level change, max. number of x corpses).

Keep up the good work!

Originally Posted by Rhis View Post
You can smash the destructibles with any attack, including skill based and ranged. Personally I prefer grenades to do my smashing.
Is it possible to smash an opponent through a door and and destroy other destructible objects with them?

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Originally Posted by ASYLUM101 View Post
PS: vanishing corpse haters - enjoy your persistent corpses that lag your game in TQIT. I believe this is a necessary step to minimize lag and ensure we can fight MORE guys on the same screen.
Whereas I don't mind corpses disappearing after two minutes or so, or if they're 5 screens behind, I do think that persisting corpses add to the game. They're not the reason for lag anymore than a tree should be...
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No? Create a TQIT map where hundreds of monsters appear on screen and vanish on death, tell me how much lag you get then.

Create a separate map with hundreds of trees, how much lag then?

The answer is - the first is unplayable, even after all the monsters are vanished. The second is fine.

I don't know the specifics, but I imagine this is the reasoning. The corpses in general last about 5-10 seconds it seems, as long as they're controlled by physics, they remain ingame, but if they instagib or just crumple to the ground, its quick. It could be longer, but to be honest, I don't care how long they last, it doesn't add to the gameplay whatsoever, and if it's a remedy for lag that could be caused by massive amounts of guys onscreen or in memory, so be it.
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Only two things I didn't like were.

- The giblets from exploding mobs were rather large and seemed a little out of place. Not to mention the explosion itself was a bit too energetic.
- The aura that kicked in at 27 seconds is way too big. It totaly dominates the character and engulfs him.

On a side note, would it be at all possible to add an option to remove auras and other effects that contunially encompass the char? I can't help it, I like my dark, doom and gloom atmosphere to be really gritty. ^^

Besides that I like it alot. If I had to pick one want for the future... a look at the UI in action. Keep up the good work, can't wait for more.
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Thumbs Down

Truly amazing!!
Cant wait to play alpha/beta...
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Originally Posted by Scryer View Post
Absolutely awesome video! Very impressive! Thank you so much for this preview!

I’m going to go over as many details as I can. I realize this is a pre-alpha version, not even alpha, but I’m going to try and give some feedback in every area, even if I know you’re still implementing things into the game still.

The Physics

That’s a pretty awesome use of physics, allowing the player to bust into houses and (maybe caves/tombs?) I’m pretty impressed! I did not see a problem with the physics other than possible optimizations, though that sounds difficult. I would love to see key-points in the walls of certain buildings be breakable by enemies also. That would be pretty damn scary, a huge enemy busts through the wall of a house you’re walking through? Sounds epic!

Maybe you could add a way to destroy lamp/torch posts? (If it’s even possible) With the goal of creating a small fire on the ground.

The Sound Effects

These were pretty awesome!

But a few things – I really couldn’t hear any footsteps while the player was walking; hearing footsteps from the player makes me feel like he’s got weight. If footsteps were there then I just couldn’t hear them and maybe the awesome music kind of blended them out? The only other thing I noticed was that some enemies and skills did not have ‘oomph’ in their sound effects.

For example that skill with the wave of orange around 34 seconds into the video could use a more distinct sound effect.

The shout skill at 22 seconds could also use a more distinct sound effect.

The Color

I’m very impressed with your use of multiple and varied colors! The game is much more colorful than I expected and I think it’s awesome! This kind of thing makes the game-play visually interesting.

I think you could improve a few of the skills to be not only more colorful but also feel more impactful.

For example, the shout skill at 22 seconds, you could add some color to the trail of the effect and the inner circle of the effect. That would give it much more depth and make it visually impressive.

Also, the skill at 34 seconds, the orange wave, I’m not sure what color you could add to it, maybe you could make it crumble the earth below the wave as an added effect? Things like that will still add depth even if there’s not a way to add color.

The canister skill is pretty damn good! My only qualm with it is that it could use some very small visuals on its initial release. So as the player throws the canister, maybe there’s a trail of smoke, or some other additional characteristic to distinguish it from background foliage. The explosion effect is awesome! And I hope there’s a way to modify that canister skill to freeze enemies.

My only note here - is please continue to use color! Every color, obviously each color should symbolize a specific damage type, but I’m pretty impressed with your use of color!

If the orange glow around the player is like a 10/10, and the shout effect is like a 2/10, then I’d like to see every skill at 4 and above. I would say the orange wave skill is like a 3/10.

You could dial back most 10/10 skills to an 9 or 8.

The Animations

I’m very impressed with the animations! But, remember, you can never have enough! And if there’s a way to cheaply add more animations, then please do! It adds to the battle experience, the immersion, and the game feels that much more fluid. Both enemy and player animations, including death animations.

I could say the same about color, skill effects, destructible objects, and sound effects though, add as many as you think you can!

Beyond that, I really can’t wait to test out the Alpha! I’m totally hyped now!

Thank you so much for showing this to us! It’s been a long time in the works, but it’s been worth it!

I hope my feedback has helped, even a little, I know I’m pretty naļve, but I feel like any feedback might help. I hope it does anyway.
Ehrrmm... Is this game coming out in 2020? ^^ No offense meant by that btw m8. You have some good points there, but considering the small team and budget they have its all in all very well polished for a pre-alpha. I must say your right about the gore bit: the blood splatters are awesome and can be used very often as an animation, although the corpse explosions could be cranked down just a bit. Otherwise i could get monotonous. (Again; no offense to you Scryer, nor Crate!)

I'm curious what discussions this video will bring forth? let's separate the men from the mice ^^.
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Default Gameplay video

Awesome video, thank you Crate!!!!
Everything is perfect in this video, i cant wait until i can play Grim Dawn!
Diablo 3 epic fail , Grim Dawn THE BEST!!!
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Originally Posted by Roros View Post
The biggest win for me is the cleave attack where you're just hitting in an arc infront of you instead of single enemies. It's something that I always appreciate in games, since it suddenly introduces a way to constantly try and "set up" your battles. Is this a passive thing or an activated skill?
It is an active skill called "blade arc"
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blood & gore, combat, destructible environments, health, loot, monsters, performance, skills, spawning, videos

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