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Default My Dad's Favorite Game

I picked up the Grim Dawn kickstarter two pack because it looked like the perfect game for myself and my dad. He always loved the Diablo style games so I thought he'd like this.

Once he activated his key he never stopped playing. Every time a new feature would roll out he would delete all his characters and start over to experience the new content and let me know what I had to look forward to. He always fell back on playing a soldier character with a sword and board because I think he just liked wading into the fray and smashing stuff up. My son loved watching his Gramps play his zombie/demon killing game anytime we came over and seeing all the new swords and guns he had gotten.

This last month my father became very sick with lung cancer and when stuck in the hospital, I brought him my spare iPad and the first thing he asked help for was finding the browser so he could log into this forum. He didn't care about getting on facebook or checking his email or the weather, he said he needed to see when the next update was coming. He went by the name Zedlee and I know he didn't post much but he followed this game more than he followed his own work. He was mad he couldn't see the "new since you were last here" posts because he wasn't on his own machine.

He passed away yesterday and looking back at the 30+ years of gaming I had with him I can easily say that this one caught his imagination and attention more than anything else. I can't remember a time in the last year that when I came over he wasn't booted into this game or just getting finished. During his first stint in the hospital he even left himself logged in so he wouldn't lose the map he was on. He was logged in for a week before he came home and finished his quest and logged off for the last time.

I just want to pass along my heart felt thanks for the game you have made because it was honestly such a happy bright spot for him. This is the one game where the only complaint was that he played the newest content too fast and was just eager to play more. It will always be one of my happiest memories of him and I owe Crate for basically making the perfect game for my father. I plan to start a new soldier in his honor and play through the game with my son enjoying everything about that my father did. Not sure if this post belongs in this section but this game was truly something special to him and I will never be able to thank all the developers and community enough.

Thanks for all the good memories of evil smiting,
Zedlee's son.
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I am sorry to hear about your father. Thanks for taking the time to share his story.
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Hello Shacklefurd,
We are terribly sorry for your loss. Everybody here at Crate sends their condolences.

Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is truly inspiring to hear that our work can touch a person in such a way. We are glad that we could brighten up your father's last days.

As a small token...I wish to present you with this:

Praetorian Zedlee will be forever on guard duty at Homestead, as an honorable member of the Black Legion, starting with Build 28.

Take care,
Zantai and the Crate Team
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Condolences. Such a surprising experience that you shared. I hope you and your son enjoy the honorific play through.
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Sorry for your loss. It was great that you were able to share your love of games together over the years.

My dad died when I was 15, but I still remember our late night gaming sessions playing games on the Atari 2600.
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*sniffles* (I'm no good at sympathy, and don't understand empathy, but I feels something for you and this story. I'll visit Praetorian Zedlee every now and then.)
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My deepest condolences, Shacklefurd. It's terrible that you have to lose your father like that, but at the same time heart-warming that you were sharing the passion of playing computer games. Even more so because his grandson admired it. Keep the faith !!!

Zantai, that is a wonderful little tribute !!!
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My Condolences, shacklefurd. He sounded like a pretty awesome dad, stay strong and maybe we will see each other around in Grim Dawn Multiplayer
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My condolences to you and you family. Also Kudos to Crate for adding him to the game.
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My condolences, it must have been great to play video games with your dad. And what a great gesture from Crate honoring your dad like that. i couldn't stop it but i shedded a tear.

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