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Default Ideas and Feedback so far

I tried so list all feedback and ideas thread here and arrange them into several group for more clear distinction. I hope this thread will help forum members to sift through the discussion easier. And more importantly, I want to make it easier for dev to analyze the ideas and feedback in the forum. You see, there are many topic here but there are some left because of newer topic that seems hotter to discuss. Lets not let those thread go to waste. Go check it out and give your thought about it. Refine and refine.

I hope this will pleases everyone.

Story, Lore and Quest
Item Lore
Alternative storylines
Farming and random quests
Stage quests and remove these obnoxious quest icons

Game Length
Random or handmade world?

Animation, UI and Looks
Explosion Related Effect Suggestion
Buff tooltips
Healer's Need for Quick Health Bar Status
Woman character
Destructable environment
Robes and dresses
Enemy, Pet and Guest icons
Crosslines gone astray (Cursor & Crosshair)
Character Screen - Item compare function
Character Skins
Inventory & Interface
Inventory (UI) Sneek peek
Item Selection & Description
Gear and Looks vs. stats
knockback animations
Physics = Destructibles?
Blood and Its Color
Item Color: What would it be?
Loot visible on the floor at all times?
User interface and unit frames
Pet Visual Progression
Character Skins
Skeleton Genocide
Infinite Loot

Prominent Sound Effects, How Important Are They?

Unlinearity in Recharge / Resistance mechanics
Can we "Jump?"
Resources (money and potions, items, equipment in shops)
Request: No Turtles Please
WASD Movement
Traps and Environmental Ideas for your viewing pleasure
attack/armour table
Ensoul the monsters
The blacksmith NPC
Shrine: Ideas for the change
Waxing and waning powers
Health & Mana Potions
Use mouse-wheel for skill selection
Day/Night Cycle
Collision detection
Proficiency System ideas
Minions using equipment
About the Game Flow of TQ; how it might be improved in GD
Town Portals, the Mini-Stop, Health Orbs, and More.
Auto-Stats, Gear, and Customization
Would it be possible to work puzzles into the game
Movement and action of the Characters
More stats for pets, please!
Mouse Buttons
drop rates

Combat Mechanism and Immersion

Creatures Using the Environment
Monster placement & idle behaviour
Unique, Champion, Random Bosses, etc.
Crowd Control?
Battle suggestions...
Battle Mechanics (What do you want to see?)
Boss Fights

I could probably couldn't keep this post maintain at all time, so please keep me company. Keep it updated.

Continue Below

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Very good work, the developers will be pleased with this !
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Alright, I stickied it. Congrats on the first sticky. Please update from time to time.

Nice work
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Nicely organized, should help further discussions.
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Good idea, might stop multiple threads with the same ideas.
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Thumbs Down

Great work!!! Thanks a lot!!! specially for people (like me) coming these days to the forum it is very easy to find here the right thread about the most important points any gamer could have a suggestion.
Mi proyecto post tq-esp, http://titanquest-esp.enjin.com/
Copia (parcial) del antiguo foro tq-esp gracias a web.archive.org (no se sabe por cuanto tiempo)
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Default Multiplayer?

I've long been a RPG fame for decades, I LOVED TQ and the expansion and thought it wonderfully done, EXCEPT (and i feel the main reason its didnt fly with the general public) was due to use of GameSpy for multiplayer. Any chance your will have your own server running this??? To prevent hacks/cheaters??? The original D & D2 did well with the server side checks via B-net but gamespy was just a horrible use of the multiplayer. If only one request-it would be to use something OTHER then the horribly outdated GameSpy servers for the multiplayer.. me & my friends who did play ad LOVE TQ wound up only doing games with each other instead of online with random hackers/cheaters and such. Dont cheapen this WONDERFULLY creative design please!
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Wink Impressed

Hi, I just registered to say I'm impressed by your team's aproach on gamers, coming clean and transparent about what the game will be and its content. Keep up the good work, I enjoyed seeing the videos and the dialogue with gamers here in the forums.

Just don't hire corporate suits or PR's in the future if the game gets successful...

I'll be waiting for the day the game launches and decide whether or not to buy. If it follows up to what you been building up, you got a new fan right here!

Best regards and all the best with your project!
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Thumbs Up Grim Dawn on GOG

Hi guys,

Congratulations for such an impressive project. I am sure you have all the skill and talent required to pull this out and I am impressed that you managed to finance it without selling your souls to evil publishers (metaphorically speaking).
I already own a Loyalist pre-order key and I'm looking forward to redeem it.

Also kudos for no DRM. I really hate DRM, I hate it a lot!!!

Which brings me to my suggestion. I think it will be great to release Grim Dawn on GOG because they are looking for enthusiastic developers like you. They are nice guys too.

GOG has a large and loyal community and I am sure you will get a lot of visibility and sales there. Besides, Grim Dawn banner will really look good on GOG home page.

BTW Grim Dawn is on GOG requested games list.
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after looking on screenshots i see some nice progress in graph updates but there is this thing that bugs me. There is to much colors. Its too colorfull .. way to pink in some areas .. Like oculstist class vido . too much red-ish purple-is stuff. I think maybe it could be a little more hmm dirty color. you know a little more grim.
i know its pre alpha so i guess i say what you already know and work on since its Grim Dawn but i had to anyway

I have bunch of other ideas but mostly random and i still try to dig into some info i care about . Like what kind of class tehre will be and how look skil ltry for one class how many builds would there be for a class . Wll there be summoner class ( i love those and wizards kind . If you have summoner how many pets can he have. How much this game will be like titan quest in some areas.

Beside that i wonder since you guys are open with comunity etc. if there is chance for me to come up idea that would actualy go into game , like new class or something

ohter thing .. i really hope there will be some mass murdering in this game. titan quest was more like killing enemies one by one .. there were some skilsl that let me kill few at once but it reall missed this killing many moneters fast wave after wave.. you know that is acutaly part of diablo 3 that is reallly great for me. " masacre 15 monsters "

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