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Default skill modifiers on items?

hey all,

Has any info been released on the modifiers that will be on items in GD?

Especially modifiers like ; + x to "y" skill (eg.+1 to fireblast)

Also, will modifiers on items be random or static? I especially liked this in D2. This way once you've found the items you wanted, you can always keep looking for one with better stats (eg; an armor with +260defense but it can drop with defense up to 300, making this stat a variable). This would contribute to more replayability.

Any one have any info on this??
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I would assume this will be at least as variable as TQ was. In TQ the bonuses (not the base item) were variable within a range, i.e. you could find the same item with the same prefix / postfix with +10% damage or +12% damage etc.

Never saw the + to skill variable however.
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