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Originally Posted by lawbster32 View Post
What drops bladed plating? atm im just missing blade plating, ravagers eye, and my jewelry/relic are regular legendary but all buffed up in combat im closing in on 3300 DA w this build.. things seem to have trouble hitting me. w that said it seems like nothing can dent my hp tho.
Nothing. This component is craftable-only.
Alsom 3300 DA is way too much. You would want to have such DA on Grava or Reaper, for example, but for regular trash it's way too high.

Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
I am running a different Auramancer concept and I think it's safe to say Auramancers are little more than gimmicks at this point the auras don't contribute much to our offense.
In your build i'd say retaliation is the main damage source and on mine I am using a proc happy build so it's those multiple procs giving me eye cancer that are doing the damage

In my opinion the auras on these items should be buffed
I strongly agree. After testing this Hybrid, the speed kill has definitely increased, but not much. The biggest contribution is, of course, Reign of Ice and Fire. However, due to it's retarded mechanics, it literally misses at least 50% of it's DPS.
Yes, indeed. I even buffed the initial RET damage from the pure Retaliator, thanks to equipment managing.
If I would go for Auramancer, most of the damage truly comes from on-hit, on-attack procs and skills. There is little contribution from other sources.

I share this opinion as well.
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