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Originally Posted by Ceno View Post
Reminder that Zantai gets a kick out of reading these threads.
What makes you say that?

Originally Posted by Ceno View Post
Mogdrogen is not omniscient. He does not know everything. Or, if he does know of Uroboruuk's existence, perhaps he is protecting the necromancer.
Or maybe he's just plainly arrogant. Maybe he doesn't appreciate the fact that a group of mortals (Order of Death's Vigil) chose to worship another mortal (by that i mean a non-deity, we all know Urboruuk is immortal). It probably hurt his ego.

I am curious, what makes you think he is protecting the Necromancer. Also, what makes you think the dude needs protection from?

Here's my question: Why are there two North's? There's a North of Burrwitch and a North of the Necropolis. Cardinal North suggests that the Necropolis one is actually North whereas North of Burrwitch should be ocean.[/SPOILER]

Probably should be answered by the devs. But the "true" North seems to be North of Necropolis (i guess that's where the capital is/ Aetherial main guy is)

Originally Posted by Ceno View Post

Don't pay attention to Edge of Reality, the level was designed by patching together pre-release/alpha/early-access content of the game

I don't suppose you'd be willing to post a video of clearing Edge of Reality would you? :D

Originally Posted by Ceno View Post
Edit: Also reminder that there is definitely a significant Aetherial concentration 'North' of Burrwitch, potentially larger in scale than that near Fort Ikon/in the Necropolis; Missive to Warden Krieg:

Factor that in to whatever conspiracies you're making about what Uroboruuk/that contingent of Chthonians were seeking.
Could be the head honcho of Aetherials (the one Lucius was reporting to and the one who instructed Kreig to stop with his torturing of prisoners.

But we have seen that Aetherials have been very strategic. Wouldn't the best course of action be to make the capital of Cairn their main base? But if the capital is Northeast of Burwitch then you're right.

But if we factor in the lore from Karroz's note, then the Aetherials are mere former pawns of Gods. In some note (a cthonian note, can't remember name) someone says that only one Harbringer (those summoner dudes who most of us guys can clear easily) is enough to take back Wightmire from the Aetherials. And in the note dropped by Lucius, the guy mentions a disturbing presence (Log).
This indicates the Aetherials are no more than fodder in a much bigger plot. They're clearly inferior to the Cthonians, so it's unlikely that the reason for the disturbance in the Northeast of Burwitch is being caused by Aetherials. Since, it was enough to disturb Uroboruuk (who hasn't even bothered mentioning the Aetherials in his notes) and the Cthonians (the ones who were heading east to check on the energy, the ones who Uro fought)
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