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Originally Posted by The_Mess View Post
Ya'll are slow readers :P
Yes, I am a slow reader. I read about 20 to 40 pages an hour (German books use a more spacious layout than English ones), whereas others read twice as fast. And usually I limit myself to read while I commute.

I just finished the Bartimaeus Sequence, which I started about six weeks ago. Although I had read it before, it was like reading it for the first time, because I had forgotten almost everything. I was so thrilled by the story that I broke with my commute-only rule. Otherwise it would have taken me until February or so.

The third part reminded me partly of the Aetherials' story in GD. This is one of the best stuff I have ever read. Next up will be the fourth book, which goes into Bartimaeus's past. I hope it can keep up with original trilogy.
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