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Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
I am aware of your Iskandra's BM.
I tried a Warborn BM myself, while the individual Cadence hit was stronger the difference in performance was minimal in practice. Higher Attack Speed makes a great deal of difference due to Cadence charges building up more quickly

Wait is that Discord?
Why go for Discord? (because of Arcanist's innate elemental support?)

Btw, you're right no point in arguing
Highly unlikely we'll ever agree on anything. You're the Offensive Ability whore i am the Attack Speed whore
Unfortunately this has noting to do with cadence charges, OA or atc speed.
WB simply lacks RR (if you are not building it with clairvoyant and one AD ring) and crit dmg (how ever you decide to build it) to be be more efficient.
Not to mention difference in available gear and +% to aether dmg and that alone more than compensates in lacking atc speed.

Its just elemental dmg from one point in IEE and flat elemental from gear
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