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Talking []Pure Casters with No Main Attacking Skill - Fun Builds with Elemental Electrocute Beam

[] Pure Casters with No Main Attacking Skill - Fun Builds with Passing Through Elemental Electrocute Beam

It feels cool when you can shoot passing through all enemies in line with a channeling single beam shot and your AoE spells do the rest
Even if you can't channel the beam due to interruption (or lazy), your AoE Spells still did a great job
Not to mention you have a lot of skills point to spare ^^

Now using both Elemental Storm and Wind Devil-Raging Tempest is not an anti mainstream idea anymore.
Crate did a wonderful change for Elemental RR in Raging Tempest

Obliteration is not an AAR, it do less damage than AAR (but AAR can't pierce through), so it needs other spells for support it's damage.

There are a few builds before AoM using Obliteration :
- Elemental Ray Pyro
- Sorcerer-Want to play ARR that pierce trough
- Frozen Lightning II - The Forgotten Obliteration
- The Storm Mage - Lightning Obliteration Druid
- Twin Meteor Fire Obliteration Warlock

Here are several New Pure Caster Builds with Elemental Beam from Tome of the Arcane Wastes
These Pure Casters are using Caster Gear, Caster Off-Hand, and no LMB Auto Attack Skills like Cadence or Savagery. You'll feel really a Pure Caster.
Currently you can facetank Fabius with these builds, less kite on Mad Queen and Final Boss (Master of Flesh), Grava need to be kited.
These builds also nice for Port Valbury run.

I'll add/update my new builds in this thread when they already tested.

<<< Videos >>>
>> Pet Hoarder Achievement w/o Real Pets - Lightning Obliteration Elementalist NEW! Build Details --> 2nd Post
>> Vindicator Lightning Obliteration Caster
>> Elementalist Lightning Obliteration Caster Build Details --> 2nd Post
>> Conjurer Lightning Obliteration Caster (without Pet) Build Details --> 3rd Post
>> Conjurer Lightning Obliteration Caster (Raven's Healer) Build Details --> 3rd Post
>> Conjurer Lightning Obliteration Caster (Briarthorn Physical Shield) Build Details --> 3rd Post
>> Freezing Burning Lightning Sorceress Build Details --> 4th Post

First begin with combination of AoM New Inquisitor Mastery + Shaman (Vindicator)

[][Caster] Lightning Obliteration Vindicator

Grimtools :
Video :

This build has strong on Defense, thanks to :
--> Aura of Conviction (Physical Resistance)
--> Word of Renewal (HP Restoration + DA)
--> Vigor (Flat HP, Freeze-Petrify-Entrapment Reduction)
--> Inquisitor Seal (Damage Absorption, Health Regen, Elemental Resistance)

--> Mogdrogen's Pact Line (Health & Energy Regen, %Health, Posion and Bleeding Reduction, Increase Health Regen)
--> Wendigo Totem (Our Main Healing Spells)
--> Wind Devil-Raging Tempest (CC)

Inquistor Seal in this build increase All Damage and Crit Damage from Arcane Empowerment, you need inside it's area of effect radius.
You can also use Storm Box of Elgoloth for more Lightning + Electrocute Damage.

See next page for Lightning Obliteration Elementalist
Cool Grim Dawn Videos :

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