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Default Using Nemesis skull symbols on map for farming routes

Just here to say that this new addition (not sure what's the rationale behind the introduction) is now basically acting like a radar of sorts. I'm rather into fabius farming and there are like 5-6 places where you no longer have to walk to simply because u could check whether there's a spawn by being on the other side of the ledge (such as Arkovian foothills, just walk up to the ledge above the portal, then move left, if you dont see a skull symbol appearing on the map there's no Fabius there for both spawn points).

The spawn point next to boris the pit master doesnt even need to be checked anymore since the entrance to four hills from cronley's hideout is within the "check radius" of the radar, so if there isnt any seen when you enter four hill from cronley's hideout portal, you could just ignore that path. Or walk there from another portal if a skull appears.. There's many other similar examples where previously one have to walk for about 10-20 seconds per farm route which can basically be ignored now. I rather liked this new addition considering it makes farming in the main campaign much more efficient, even if it's not going to be on par with gladiator crucible.
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