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^^ Thanks for the help. I recently sent an email, but my PC has been acting squirelly for some time now, so I hope that they get it. The problem is that I sent in $50 before the kickstarter, and then pledged an additional $50 during the KS. I was told that it would qualify, but it was so long ago that I'm not sure how to prove it anymore, unless they have a record of my previous e-mails and have me on their list..? I had completely forgoten all about it, until I started playing Diablo 3 for consoles recently, and that reminded me of this game. My PC has been such a mess that I can't play Grim Dawn anymore, and I just don't have the money to get a new PC anytime soon.

Can someone even tell me if the physical copies were sent out, or not yet?
I'm okay if they haven't, as that just means more waiting, which I'm okay with...but if they were sent out, and I didn't get my copy, then yeah, I want to try and do something about it, if I can.

Thanks again.
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