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Originally Posted by plaguesofwrath View Post
You say that using a tool like this one (GD Stash Changer) is not any faster than manual copy/paste. I'm going to have to call bollocks on that. There's simply no way you can ALT+TAB out of the game, open two folders, copy a file, paste it in the other folder, ALT+TAB back into the game, open the stash window, place or remove items, close the stash window, ALT+TAB back out of the game, copy/paste the updated stash file back in the other folder, copy/paste a new stash file into the save folder, and ALT+TAB back into the game anywhere near as quickly as I can do the same thing with this tool just by hitting a hotkey. Sorry, that's just not possible.
The alt-tabbing, placing items, etc. you have to do either way, so that makes no difference at all.

The save dir and the 'storage' dir I already have open before I even start (much like you have the tool open), so I only have to navigate one dir down to store the stash, that takes next to no time.

So maybe the stash changer is on average 0.5 to 1 sec faster, I give you the benefit of the doubt here, it's not like I timed it.
I believe we can agree that while it might be slightly faster, it is not by a lot however. So my rule still means I would never use that tool as it does nothing worthwhile (make something a lot faster / easier) - all imo obviously, as I said 'If it works for you, use it, nothing wrong with that obviously'

I am having a weird issue with the stash files, and I'm not sure what the cause is, but some of my stash files have all the tabs unlocked and others do not. This didn't seem to be the case until after I started using this tool, but I'm not sure if the tool is responsible for it.
So when you stored them they all had all pages unlocked, or are some files so old that when you first stored them, some pages were still locked ?

As the tool just copies and pastes, I would assume they were locked at the time you stored them...
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