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Originally Posted by MatMB View Post
as for Discord, maybe it will be better to have it split into two modifiers, one which converts physical into elemental (synergy with IEE), the other converts physical into chaos (synergy with SWF). the modifier doesn't work quite well currently but the idea behind is very interesting, i would regret to see it abandoned.
I touched on this a bit in point 2. The problem with using conversion on this skill is that in some ways it may become even worse than it is presently. Say you're using a Fire build and take Discord; if 50% Physical converted to Chaos and 50% Physical converted to Elemental, you'd be winding up with 16.5% of Cadence's Physical Damage as Fire Damage. That's pitiful. (50% Elemental * 33% Elemental Split = 16.5%) It'd be pretty good for chaos, though.

That's why I suggested using the %Damage Modified stat. It could act a little like conversion if we first reduced the Physical Damage on the main skill. Suppose we reduced the base Physical Damage by 50%. If we then gave a 33% Damage Modification to the skill, we'd wind up with ~67% Physical Damage (compared to the base skill; 50% * 133% = 66.5%; this is actually more Physical Damage than Discord gives us now, so maybe tune it back beyond 50%) while also giving a multiplicative 33% increase to any other damage types we have (Piercing included). It's far more universal and helps to overcome Conversion's fallbacks.

Edit: Thinking about it, better numbers might be 50% Reduced Physical Damage and 20% Damage Modification. Multiplication in an additive game is strong.

So that solves Cadence's problem from the magical standpoint. But then the question arises of how well Cadence performs when using one weapon and an offhand. I'd argue that the answer is "not well at all" in light of recent nerfs, where 1H/offhand already was lackluster with Cadence (it could get the job done, just very slowly. The nerfs worsened that situation significantly.). Hence the shield/offhand transmuter could be a good path to take.

I wonder if one skill can have two transmuters...

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