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Originally Posted by djolar View Post
In one variant of this system, placing points into mastery would unlock the ability to place points into skills in that tier. And then placing points into the skills themselves would add flavor such as increase the number of projectiles or widen beam skills or add piercing percentage or add extra bounces to chain skills.
that is exactly what TQ did, or am I missing something here ?

Another variant of this hybrid between RIFT and TQ would be that some skills are awarded by points in the mastery and some skills won't be awarded unless you put points into them even if you have unlocked the tier with mastery points.
What is the point of this, I can just as easily invest a few skill points to achieve it - and I can even chose the skills I want, rather than what someone else thinks are the core skills of this mastery...

The latter is complex and diverse pretty much from the getgo. And of course it is much more time consuming to implement.
Not sure why you consider it more diverse, if anything, automatically getting the same skills as everyone else is less diverse than the player picking the skills

I prefer the former as some uniformity has many benefits.
the former is TQ... so no need to mix RIFT in it seems

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