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Originally Posted by NZSpy View Post
I think you are forgetting a couple of important things. Choice. Players want/love and crave choice. Nothing should be decided for you in the build of your character.

Also, I don't care what system you create or for what rpg/arpg/mmo there will always be cookie-cutter builds, it's inevitable.

Some players like to do that some don't. Which is why choice even at the most basic level is extremely important.
I fully agree to what you said

I played rift for a bit, and got bored of it, while the skill system wasn't bad, you could choose from from classes, and different souls, you had in total 66 points to spend once you were at max level. I didn't get a char at max level, the game became a real grind, and I joined a guild that fell apart at the seems pretty early on, for LOL. to me, you had to really put a lot of points into one class to really be effective, before branching out to the others. another issue that quickly cropped up, and the same problem exists in WOW, is balance, there were plenty of cookie crunching builds, and plenty of patches followed to try and sort out the balance and many others issues. the game dropped from my radar, I only played it a bit. and I played WOW for a while but had major issues in that game, and I still think balance between classes is still a major issue, too many classes, and not enough balance

to change the masteries at this change would be a massive undertaking, and I don't think the D3 system sounds all that good either, where you skills you unlock while they level up with you, but seems that blizzard has taken away choice, again once the game ships, people will probably use one or two builds from each class, as they are the best, that really doesn't sound like choice to me. sounds like its forced. but anyway, I did like the TQ masteries, there will be 5 classes in the game, so a lot of choice, and a lot of choice in what skills points to put into the skills , as the amount of skills have been increased to 25 I think? so I would call that choice

I think the issue is how fast you level, that seems to be your problem @OP, of course games will take longer to level as they go up, unless you mention WOW, where you can get to 85 in no time at all, but I have no desire to go back to that game, and a fast levelling system like that would bore me to tears

but anyway, I like the TQ system, it will have choice, which is more I can say for a few games these days
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