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Originally Posted by Italofoca View Post
I imagine designing monsters for ARPG might be quite a challenge as the developers don't really know what kind of characters players will be. For this reason monsters and boss fights in this kind of game is kind bland compared to action and adventure games.
Or you can look at it the otherway, and assume that the devs don't care what tools the players use, and build bosses however they want...

Anyways, back to the original post, I don't think that the rift skill system works here, honestly, I kind of feel that rift borrowed from TQ in it's original design. I would like for GD to move a little bit away from a direct cut&paste copy of TQ's skill system, and the only way I can see of doing that really, is allow "upgrades" to be dependant on your other mastery or lack of other mastery.

For example: The Hellhound, I think was the example I used before gets a cleave type AOE, now imagine for a minute, that when you went into the demolitionist tree, that changed from a cleave into a breath of fire. You could allow these skills to function pretty much identicly, but it gives these hybrid builds a sense of Identity, that honestly is lacking.

So, now your Demo/Occultist went from being a demo/occultist to being a Pyromancer. It gives classes a sense of ownership of there builds that I feel is a bit lacking, and it is the one complaint I have about the system.

Granted, most melee/soldier classes have better synergies with each other, but than you have the caster classes, that have none, no identity what so ever.