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"Favourite class in grim dawn?"
Accuracy 55.56
Soldier 100.00
Nightblade 42.58
Shaman 29.21
Occultist 20.90
Demolitionist 9.18
Arcanist 1.00

"Favourite Class combination in grim dawn"
Accuracy 63.89
Battlemage (Arcanist/Soldier) 100.00
Witch Hunter (Nightblade/Occultist) 39.74
Blademaster (Nightblade/Soldier) 35.45
Trickster (Nightblade/Shaman) 34.55
Commando (Demolitionist/Soldier) 17.93
Conjurer (Occultist/Shaman) 16.28
Warder (Soldier/Shaman) 15.75
Spellbreaker (Arcanist/Nightblade) 14.36
Druid (Arcanist/Shaman) 11.06
Pyromancer (Demolitionist/Occultist) 10.64
Witchblade (Occultist/Soldier) 10.23
Warlock (Arcanist/Occultist) 8.53
Saboteur (Demolitionist/Nightblade) 2.92
Sorcerer (Arcanist/Demolitionist) 1.31
Elementalist (Demolitionist/Shaman) 0.05

It was close but also a little off
My favourite class is Shaman, but my second favourite is Soldier.
As for the class combinations I'm not sure because I'm still new to the
game and have not really tried mixing classes.

really fun tool though will pass it on to my friend and see what they get too ^^
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