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Default Ultimate warden krieg dev trophy!1!!

I thought I’d share this bit of GD-related awesomeness with you all… As many know, we surpassed one million sales a while back. Well, the team met up for dinner and drinks the other week and I was very surprised to be presented with a mysterious plastic container. Naturally I assumed it was a bomb but then I thought that probably didn’t make sense since they were all sitting so close and seemed eager for me to open it. Opening it and, after carefully unwrapping the contents, I was incredibly surprised and honored to find a specially commissioned statue of Warden Krieg, to commemorate the success of GD.

I took a few pics of this terrifyingly awesome trophy, to share with you all! I also included a picture of the rather unfortunate note that came with it, stapled to a trashbag… lol…

Why you might ask? Ah well… tis an unfortunate tale indeed. You see, the day before we met up for the celebratory dinner, where the team presented me with this fine statue, a couple of us were discussing the Boxed copy extras that we were going to have made. Some of the initial ideas included things that basically had no practical use and were purely collectibles. I was making an argument that I thought it would be cooler to have items people would actually want to use, so they weren’t just something that sat around on a shelf until forgotten… Well, actually, I said exactly this:

Medierra 5:13:28 PM
I've never cared about collectible shit at all but even I feel like it would be cool to have a GD bottle opener - or really any game themed bottle opener, whereas, if it's some statue or bobble or whatever, it's probably going to end up either in the garbage or in some box, never to see the light of day again, moved from house to house until I die and my kids finally throw it away

Medierra 5:14:22 PM
or if you're into collectible shit, it might end up on a display shelf until you finally have more shit than you can display and put some of it in a box to eventually be thrown out by your kids after you die.

Zantai 5:15:47 PM
fair enough

Zantai played it cool in chat but apparently I managed to unknowingly crush everyone’s dreams just as they were about to present me with this GD statue, that was months in the making and, I’ve heard, was not “cheap”. Oof…

So yeah, I felt incredibly honored but also like a total ass after they gave it to me, which maybe was a win-win for Zantai. Really though, this isn’t just some collectible for a random game, it’s an amazing dev trophy, from an incredibly team, representing one if the greatest achievements of my life and I’ll always treasure it… until I die and my kids throw it away. Fortunately though, there’s a trash bag included!
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