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Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
Firstly, Uroboruuk, he decided to investigate a strange energy emanated by an Ancient Evil (Forgotten God/ Korvaak/ Empyrion), the energy has riled up even Cthonians (Read his Journal pages, it indicates the Cthonian spawns were out investigating that as well). The source of this seems to situated east of Burwitch (which is where Kymon unearthed the Forgotten God)
I thought he found the "leakage" of Aetherial magic, this place is pretty close to Warden Cellar after all. And he couldn't check it directly for obvious reasons.
Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
Speaking of Uroboruuk, I can't really say that we would get to meet him since his son is out there trying to kill him (Read Dravis' Letters)
Speaking of Uroboruuk, why does Mogdrogen imply he doesn't exist? That wrecks the lore behind SoT and the foundation of Order of Death's Vigil.
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