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Originally Posted by ASYLUM101 View Post
Necrotic: First and foremost, any bugs/issues you find for necrotic probably won't be fixed any time soon at all, Ceno told me he has no intentions to work on Zenith until after the next expansion, if ever.

1) Ceno says it's intended.
2) Necrotic mastery has life leech.
3) Dunno.

"Skeleton" (I assume you mean spirit...)
1) lower your graphics I suppose, I have no intentions of redoing the fx, too time consuming for that particular spell.

No, shit happens when you compile multiple mods together.

Dunno, like I said above, shit happens with compilations. Maybe next time I'll get it right, til then just try different database folders from previous Ungrims until it works. 60b, 60a, 60, or 59b. You might lose out on the new stuff but you can play.

Well, I've looked into it a bit, and the conclusion is : No, I cannot make dw-only skills also work with 2h weapons. I *can* open up the WPS to ALL melee weapons (except spears), but then you'd have weird animation issues with 1h weapons since they do not have the same animations. I mean, maybe it can be done? But to have that dual wield tree opened up to 1h, 2h, or DW seems a bit much. What I do want to do is to rework Wardance into an Upheaval like skill as you guys suggested, maybe that's all I will do if I have the time to mess with it.
Thank you for answer. Mod works fine with ungrim 60 + 60a + 60b without database's upgrade.