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Originally Posted by mad_lee View Post
So obviously each kind of build can't have a weapon of the same strength, some builds have amazing (and affordable) weapons some require a double rare mi. But, based on your experience, what 3 weapons are just massive and absolute beasts and give their related builds so much and what 3 weapons are the worst, have useless modifiers that don't make sense and are basically a let down if you build around them? It can be epic or rare or MI weapons, just your personal top3.

Here is my best 3:

1) Mythical Ultos' Stormseeker (2h axe). Absolute beast, insane amount of stats in one weapon, it has everything one could wish for and some more. Up to 19% CDR and a mod that makes Primal Strike hit a pretty huge area make this weapon especially Godly.
2) Mythical Arcanor, Blade of Luminari: This weapon is totally insane. I've never used it (don't play soldiers) but just look at it, it has a ridiculous amount of +skills to a Forcewave Tactician, -rr mod to the most op defensive spell in-game, Forcewave conversion, sick casting speed and a Devastation like spell but with 6 seconds recharge.
3) Mythical Wrath of the Ascendant: one of my favourite sticks, it's a pretty little beast that makes insane CT binders even more insane. Stats speak for themselves

My worst 3:

1) Blazeheart. A bit of a letdown, as well as the whole defiler mastery. Even two of those don't make Defiler good. And Mark of Torment duration boost is a very weak skill modifier for an offensive melee weapon, imo.
2) Mythical Valdun's Rifle: tried theorycrafting around it a lot, but damn, stats on it are so bad. There is no way to reach 100% piercing on this one, which is very frustrating.
3) Mythical Grim Fate: I still don't understand what this sword supposed to do.
Mythical grim fate is used for a sigil / transmuted Blackwater cocktail build. Still one of my favorite builds.
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