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I am kinda upset to type down these words due to the hurtful accusation.

As a matter of fact, I initiated contact by leaving message to offer help at the Chinese Translation Thread
at #37 as early as in 09-13-2017 , please use Google Translation to verify what I said. But there's no reply or contact.
Therefore I logically assumed the thread was dead, or who's in charge is unclear. The fact stays as it is even at this moment.
You keep saying the other team. but unfortunately their information is only exclusive to you. We have no clue who they are individually.

Another fact is before this DLC, there hadn't been any Chinese translation update since 1009. Just like situation with Otic, translators from old days appear no longer with the game / with the project any more. Yes, Otic knows who were doing translation, but he has confirmed he has no idea who's in charge of this one.

Frankly solution in my mind is simple as this. We can download the original language pack, start it over with our own work, and re-present to you.

Are you fine with this arrangement?

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