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Originally Posted by matthewfarmery View Post
dont want to worry folks but there is an interesting read over on the DFA forum, where did all the money go

need to be a DFA backer to see the forum

however, we all know that DFA made 3.4 mill right? well it seems from fees, manufacturing and other things, they only have 2.2 mill for the game, amazon took %5 and KS took their 5%, then there is money needed for the physical rewards, I also wonder how much WL2 will have at the end of the fees and manufacturing costs?

people, I suggest you keep to digital rewards if you can, boxes might be good and all, but unless CRate gets loads of money, they will only have a smaller amount to play with after fees, anyway the above is an interesting read, I don't want Crate to fall into the same trap if too many people want physical rewards, lets give Crate as much money as possible after fees

just a heads up
There's a pie graph in that thread and it's mostly orange. Now I'm really craving pecan pie. This is all your fault, matthewfarmery.

On a serious note, I was pretty much expecting the breakdown to look something like that. Physical rewards don't just magically make themselves for free. My current contribution puts my total (from before and Kickstarter) at the Digital Deluxe Edition. Even if I do contribute more (and I will if I can) I really don't have any want or need for a physical boxed version so I'll write that in my email if I wind up contributing enough that it would put me into one of the higher tiers. Hopefully this Kickstarter makes so much money that even after all expenses Crate Entertainment winds up getting WAY MORE than the original goal of $280,000 that goes directly to the game.
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