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These kind of things that crop up was why I wondered if Crate needed to go through Kickstarter and may have been a reason why Path of Exile did their own version of Kickstarter.

Still, 2.2mill is 2.2mill more than they would otherwise have had...

And Grim Dawn seems to be going great guns. Kickstarter has generated a lot more interest in the past 6 hours than Crate has had in the last 6 months it seems.
"When you play GD it will feel like being punched in the face by a drunk grizzly bear. Thats how awesome it is.

... wait is that awesome? ok, how about - its like you're drunk and a grizzly bear is punching you but... no wait... its like you're drunk, you punch a grizzly bear in the face but the bear is also drunk, so it just explodes into gibs."
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