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Cool addition to the lore, and nicely woven into early Misadventures about the Ugdenbog and the arkovian constellations.

Also very curious how this is going to add to the story of the three Witch Gods.

Though why does Solael snap their fingers rather than his fingers? What kind of abomination did he become!?

Finally I am quite curious about the five factions. One of them is the beasts as you gave away - which I assume functions the same as the Undead, Cronley's Gang etc. (e.g. the more you kill, the angrier they get at you, the bigger badasses spawn).

The other is this witch coven who warns to stay away from the Alter.

Would their like with Kymon's Chosen and Order of Death's Vigil again be mutually exclusive factions? E.g. the Coven of Ugdenbog if you want to protect the world from the three / eldritch realm / alter of Rattosh versus a faction that wants you to explore this further (e.g linked to the remnants of the hidden path?)

So many questions!

Do we get to see the three? Do we get to kill the three? (do we get to loot the three ?)
What happened to Rattosh?
Are the Luminairi a faction we can interact with?
Who is this Runesigned fellah?
Is it even one fellah, or are the Runesigned another faction ala elite Luminairi?
In the earlier Ugdenbog misadventure it hints Creed is sending us here to do something, what is it?
How many fingers does Solael have? Is he able to snap other people's fingers as well?
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