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For those who missed the streams a quick sum up:

Stream 1:
Grava started a new character on veteran mode to prove himself worthy to the community, and asked the viewers to decide his class and how to build the character. Zantai in his helpfull manner promised the Loyalist Edition to whoever harasses Grava the most, causing the "help" Grava got from the viewers to be somewhat suspicious. The Ponycorn was revealed to be one of the new classes and it has a rainbow AOE skill that goes through the entire map killing everything.

Stream 2:
Grava gave a sneak peek to the new roguelike dungeon coming in patch, which was great. What wasn't great for him was the fact it's apparently a lvl50 dungeon and his highest character was lvl40 *cough*somewhat less than ideally build*cough* blademaster. Zantai's Loyalist Edition harassment campaign was also still on, so the bets were pretty badly against Grava. What ensued was hilarity, screaming, possible panic attack and lots of running away. But somehow, against all odds and defying death multiple times, Grava summoned his inner Randy Savage and got further than anyone expected. Until his luck ran out. Zantai went and declared himself as the winner of his competition, proving his bullyness unmatched.
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