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Originally Posted by Stormcaller View Post
they are dds files and nvidia has a plugin for photoshop that works nice with it. note that dds editors are more like viewers so forget about editing you will basically have to convert them to png at some point. remember to remove the alpha 1 channel, or the black parts of it.

I explained what I do here:
and I think shalie just uses imagemagick instead, that program is something ridiculous(both in good and bad sense) so I bet it supports all this, if you learn it/already know it.

also on grimcalc stylesheet, some stuff(skills, itemskills, some other stuff, no items tho) alredy exist, so if you steal the css off of grimcalc, you can just write <div class="class01-skillicon_shieldhammer1up"></div> and that would work...

icons exist as seperate images like so, if you know the filename:

then all these also exist as spritesheets:

and thats about it.
Thank you, this is what I was looking for
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