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I haven't read the whole thread. I apologize beforehand if the suggestions I mention below have already been posted by somebody else:

1) A late-game summoner relic is missing. Savage is nice in middle-game, but a great end-game relic dedicated to summoners appears to be missing.
+1 to all summoning limit. (meaning a Shaman summoner for instance can have 2 Briarthorns at the same time instead of being limited to one etc)

2) Please balance better the requirements: some components are required for basically everything and some others are nearly never required for anything. By completing a build, I always end up with piles of searing embers, scavenged plating, polished emeralds etc and have no use for them.

3) A town portal relic would be nice. Grants a teleport skill that instantly brings the character back to the last town where he was, or at least the last rift that he has used. This would be a useful option for the hardcore builds that would like to try something else but fully dedicating to survivability.

4) Some recipes are almost impossible to find and to complete. I have no problem having a character level 40 who has not yet access to everything and still need to explore areas and complete quests to move on and build up his skills, but having a bunch of level 85 builds who have roamed over the whole game many times and who still just cannot complete like 30% of the recipes sounds broken to me. I am ok to have to farm a couple of times, but if this is intentional to make me have to farm whole days for absolutely nothing else but the sake of farming, then we have a misunderstanding here about what an ARPG is supposed to be.

5) More classical skills granted by items, like fire aura (that does fire damage and burn retaliation within 5 meters radius), a big poison cloud (with -at least- a 6 meters radius and a 5 meters casting range, lasting some seconds, with solid %chances of slow/confusion etc), a channeling mass cold ray, a berzerk mode (defense, armors and resistances all drop to zero, massive increase in offense, all damage and all speed and cooldown reduction), a real raise the dead spell (not a %chance of summoning the same skeleton, I mean raising back the guy you have just killed), a curse that would reduce offense, attack speed and physical/piercing damages, a blessing that max all resistances for a limited duration etc.

6) A "fed-up-of-those-vitality/eather/chaos-resistances" relic:
+50% to vitality/eather/chaos resistances, +10% to vit/eath/cha max resist.
Same for the environmental damages. Mines, eather and acid places are annoying and have no counter beyond "don't step here". A relic or special ability dedicated to the annoying areas would be a nice option.

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