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Originally Posted by Matougi View Post
Maybe, I think that many translators are using Notepad++. This is a convenient editor for translating, for example, it can display the line number and can easily replace words between many texts.(note: make sure you are encoding in UTF-8 without the byte order marker.)

Another thing, WinMerge is useful for comparing old and new texts when updating.
I think these two tools are indispensable for GD translation.
^^ Yes!!!

Originally Posted by Nomrukan View Post
So we can't translate exactly as we want. We have to add or delete some words for adapting.

How Matougi wrote: The line number must be the same as the original text.

But in the line number you are free, the text can be longer or shorter as the original.

Originally Posted by Nomrukan View Post
I'm using that file. Thanks for attention.
Then it's only for the game without addon!!!
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