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Originally Posted by steveg View Post
Not really excited for this, but if it's features like this that make an indie game appeal to a larger audience, I'm for it. I'd like Crate to be very successful.

I'm not a fan of 'easy button' mechanics or giving gamers everything they want. To me, balancing aesthetics, and not just stats, is another aspect of mixing and matching gear. Sometimes your character is just gonna look ugly. I think that's one of the charms of ARPGs. But that's just me.
I'm confused as to how in any way this is easy button mechanics. More and more games are allowing players to customize their character in various ways and this is just another aspect of that. More options for players is not a bad thing, especially something that's purely aesthetic.

To complain about this is beyond ridiculous when you can completely ignore it being implemented if you want.
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