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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
It’s getting to be a big one, packed with a massive new chapter of the Grim Dawn story, new features, new items, an increased level cap and TWO (that’s right) two new masteries.
These are all great, but what I think the game really needs is a true multiplayer mode - something like the old Battle.Net was for D2.

Ability to make public and private games, group up, use complimentary skills etc - and trade online using a proper trade window between players. Also chat in a lobby area and in various public/private channels.

Disclaimer: I've not been able to use the current multiplayer mode yet because when I go into it, it seems you need to know someone to set up a game with them, so I may have missed something (I'm quite new to the game).

But this feature would make this game the new king of ARPG in my view.

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