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Originally Posted by Nuendo View Post
The excitement is killing me!! Atlast I am happy the wait is soon over.
I mean! Pheonix devotions?!?! Thunder god devotion!?!

Sadly the first toon I will take up in the expac has nothing to do with either of those devotions, but I plan to start completely from fresh a hc occultist/necromancer based on vitality/poison damage - I know some of those vitality devotions are very suited for hc since you basicly require no gear in order to use them - haha but it should be very fun regardless.

Oh I really like that poison bomb thing that necro has, reminds me of D2 necro poison nova sort of.
i also have my plane about what i'm goin to roll first. It makes me even more anxious to put my hands on the xpac.
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