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Originally Posted by powbam View Post
I think the point being that this is a fairly niche genre these days. The fans of this particular niche have likely played all these games. These are the people Grimoire was made for. Noone else. And you better believe Cleve himself will tell you so.
Gameplay wise maybe I might find it a little hard to get into despite having played these types of games they're never my first preference unless i get a compelling storyline/lore

Originally Posted by Shuranosuke View Post

I'm very afraid of this.
From what I'm told, Bard's Tale hasn't aged as well as M&M, Ultima and Wizardry. And as someone who wants to get into this series I am open to trying it. I think you're not confident about it cause of Numenara fuck up (haven't played it yet but haven't heard anything pleasant about the game).

InXile made Wasteland 2 so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I sincerely hope they don't fuck up
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