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Originally Posted by powbam View Post
All this does not deter The Weary Adventurer, who lost his save and replayed it all step-by-step to resume the series where it left off, without even complaining about it.

The Weary Adventurer has felt the Incline and it has only increased his desire. He cannot even be named "Weary" in all seriousness anymore. Note the renewed vigor that Incline imparts.

He has traveled a long, hard road from True (and Weary) Hater to Fanboy (Hey baby, I bought Viagra today) Deluxe. This is Incline.

That's the iter of all initiations : To hell and back, after this process the very being of the initiate changes in a substantial way. That's what Tolkien said to us with the figure of Gandalf fighting the balrog in the depths. Grimoire is nowadays alchemy : It turns chaotic matter into gold.

Ps: I still have to buy it so i'm nothing but a f****n poser 😢
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