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Originally Posted by Gibly View Post
Current B15 is too easy. Even without investing any attributes or skills you can still run through most of act 1. So I'd like to see something in between Grimmer Dawn and current B15 as normal mode to begin with.
Define 'most of act 1' and 'can run'.

I tried it just to see and made it to the second portal and level 11 that way, but by then it was rather tedious and took some time to kill mobs. This is neither most of act 1, nor is it a 'run', more of a slog - unless you consider walking past most mobs to be the goal here...

The first ten levels are relatively easy, difficulty goes up after that and for the most part is fine if you go for self-found. Twinked uber-builds should not be the standard for the difficulty of the game.

Yes, if you max some skills early it makes act 1 relatively easy, but that does not mean that it is too easy, you just chose a build that shines in it (one skill wonder) over a more versatile build.

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