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Woah did you get this person's permission to put this up?

I was really tempted to make references to the mod but didn't because I respect the creator of the mod and that showing people that I was participating in the testing of it (or enjoying it) would make other's jealous even though it might be surfacing in B16.

Edit: I'll choose keeping the difficulty as it is and simply allow modding to increase the difficulty. It is only Act 1 and a mere introduction to the game in which first timers may yet find the game difficult. Most people who complain that GD is too easy are people who played the game already.

Normal should be normal and relatively easier. Let other difficulty levels add to the challenge.

2nd Edit: Did you vote in the poll? Because from what I see in your post you want to abstain from taking sides when it comes to what is right with the difficulty of the game.
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