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Originally Posted by Glimpse View Post
Grim Dawn`s lore is sketchy on the surface but if you pay attention, look around, read all the notes and exhaust all character dialog options you see that is totally the opposite.

The world is huge and its mythology seems quite deep and, for me at least, fascinating (fan of Chtulu theme and apocalypse in general).

Obvious loose ends which need to be closed in the hopefully at least 2 expansions:

> Korvaak = Forgotten God (perhaps he was the one abandoning the what were Etherials eons ago?) - prime candidate for the Big Bad in the end.

> Uroboruuk - Dravis is his son - all this connects with the Forgotten God (big clash between Kymon`s and Order perhaps?).

> Anasteria - we will find perhaps the true reason of why the Etherials want to enslave Cairn (i would assume at one point they are not the main enemy but the Forgotten God).

> Chton - even though we killed his kind of Avatar in the end, he is still out there. Some call him the betrayed and cut to million pieces god - why did this happen, perhaps the Forgotten god was behind this as well?

> Ulrgrim - my favourite NPC as well, high chance to become a boss (possessed by Chton....) here is hoping we can save him

My prediction based on all the lore i found is that the Forgotten God will appear to pull strings from all angles. Perhaps Chton is his pawn or his victim as well as Aetherials. Might end that all parties combine forces in the end to defeat him or he will bring end to all existence bla bla.

What is certain is that there is enough material to iron out a lot more stories in Cairn.
Glad that someone else has gone through most of the lore as well(maybe you have gone through all of it but i'm missing some notes). Yeah, i wouldn't want Ulgrim to become a boss fight, or atleast allow us to save him.
Btw, any idea how the dude was able to go toe to toe with Logharreon?

Agree, Korvaak could be the string puller. Wouldn't be surprised if Empyrion is some made up deity. Made by Korvaak to lure gullible minds like Kymon.

Dravis is probably dead now that i think about it, it's probably his spirit that was with us during the Edge of Reality quest line. Plus he didn't have as many souls as his father inside him to be able to beat him.

Thoughts on Solael and Uroboruuk being the same entity? (Their lores suggest they sacrificed lives to obtain immortality)
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