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Originally Posted by Josho View Post
When it says "activate when hit" is it possible for the game to break down and indicate precisely how often it will activate. Is it percentage based? - say 15% chance to activate when hit to fire off Coldnsap? Cooldown? - 2 minute cooldown before being hit will trigger coldsnap again. Or some sort of funky split second reaction window of being hit, pressing the middle mouse button will trigger Coldsnap making it some sort of reaction counter attack used by the player?

We could do something like that. I'll have to consider it. I do like to maintain a certain level of mystery with less essential stats. I think sometimes when you provide too much detail in terms of numbers, you lose a little of the "magic" and intuition that can be fun in these games. Actually trying something out and making a judgement call vs. analyzing stats. For those who truly have to know, there is alway the database.

This sort of hearkens back to my days of playing Age of Empires where we didn't have all the numbers and a lot of the top players were good because they were intuitive and gained a sense for how things worked by just playing the game. I found it unappealing that in later games more of the numbers and mechanics were exposed and learning a game turned into more number crunching and statistical analysis than intuitions based on experience playing. I think there is a place for both and I feel like there is value in maintaining some sort of balance. Showing people what they need and providing some fodder for number crunching but leaving a enough beneath the covers that understanding the game is still a little bit of an art and not all math.
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