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Default Grim Misadventure #121: Learning to Necromance

Hello and welcome to another Grim Miasdventures dev update. In case you have not been keeping track, we recently had a big patch (v1.0.1.0)! This update brought about some great quality of life changes to the game as well as a tuning pass. Most importantly of all though, it bridges some tech changes made for the expansion to the base game, which was a major step towards releasing the expansion later this year.

And on the note of the expansion, it’s time for another look! Today, we are going to dig deeper into what makes a Necromancer necromance.

Please note that as the masteries are still under development, the following information may change by release. Damage values are scaled by player attributes.
You learned to raise some skeletons, maybe drain a fool of their life essence, but there is more to the Necromancer’s vile arsenal. These powerful abilities await those who dedicate themselves to the mastery of death!

Blight Fiend
”Unmoved by the noxious fumes of decay, conjure forth an abomination made of corpses and rotting filth to rise up from the earth and subdue your enemies.”

This cheerful guy is just bloated with vile gases and poison and he will eagerly share them with your foes by vomiting up his insides. Upon death, the Blight Fiend erupts in toxic fumes. He can also learn to exude poison around him, and to unleash a massive eruption of poison. A transmuter allows you to summon Blight Fiends more frequently to take advantage of their explosive tendencies, but they become temporary pets.

Ill Omen
”The mere presence of a Necromancer is often enough to inspire terror within their enemies. You unleash a ghostly wail upon your target that shatters the confidence of lesser foes and rapidly spreads confusion and fear amongst your enemies.”

This display of power overwhelms the senses of lesser foes, forcing them to flee. To top it off, this curse spreads rapidly to nearby foes, sowing terror and uncertainty among the ranks.

Mark of Torment
”Though all must ultimately answer to that final fate, your mastery of death has allowed you to delay the inevitable. By linking your soul to a nearby foe, you transfer some of the harm intended for you into them instead.”

This nefarious spell links you to a nearby foe, transferring a portion of your suffering and magnifying it. This vile trick can spare a Necromancer from an early grave, or even allow them to endure tortures that a normal person would not survive.

Ravenous Earth
”At your command, disease and rot pour forth through a hellish maw within the earth and infect all unfortunate enough to stand too close.”

This disturbing spell manipulates the very earth to spew forth disease and rot upon nearby foes. A maw of flesh and gore forms at the desired location and propels toxins in all directions. The final modifier for this despicable ability gives it a chance to erupt any foes slain by its effect, inflicting further suffering upon nearby survivors.

Reap Spirit
”One of the most powerful techniques bestowed upon his followers by Uroboruuk. By ripping apart the very being of your foe, one can not only inflict grievous harm, but also conjure forth a fragment of their soul to serve you. The resulting spirit is unstable and highly aggressive, which makes it all the more useful in battle.

This is one of the ultimate techniques available to fully trained Necromancers, allowing you to not only inflict grievous harm upon your foes but also conjure a violent spirit to tear apart anyone that survives. An excellent choice for both Necromancers that choose to deal with their enemies directly and for those that focus on minions, or somewhere in-between.

And more…
Always more! The Necromancer has more vile tactics to unleash upon unwary foes, but the rest you will have to learn on your own when the class is released with the upcoming expansion.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 07/10/2017 for our next development update!
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***Waste of Souls***
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