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Default Important info for Early Backers who upgraded to a Kickstarter Tier

There are a couple bits of information that are important if you backed us before the Kickstarter and then later decided to increase your support during the Kickstarter. Please see below:

If you were an early backer (pre-KS) and you upgraded to a Kickstarter tier that includes Physical rewards such as the printed map and/or poster (physical copies coming soon)
Due to the way Kickstarter handles pledges, you had to select No Reward to pay the difference between your original purchase and the tier you wished to upgrade to. Because of this, we are unable to send you the survey directly through Kickstarter. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us at with the subject line "Early Backer KS Upgrade" and the address you wish physical rewards be mailed to.

Please include verification of your original purchase (or at least the email address associated with the purchase/upgrade). Please also include the email and/or name you used on Kickstarter, if they are not the same as for your original purchase, so we can find your pledge.

If you received a Kickstarter Medal instead of the Backer's Distinction
The digital reward tiers were set up with one medal per tier, so by upgrading you essentially switched to a Kickstarter medal.

However, if you still wish to have the medal sent out to early backers, please contact us at with info on your original purchase and the upgrade (ex. original email) and you will be issued an additional DLC code that will award you the medal (from Kory the Keeper) in the next game update. Please indicate whether you wish to receive the DLC code for Steam or GOG.
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