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Hate to be "that guy", but most of those stretch goals should really just be "goals" that the devs automatically strive for during the development process.
Maybe I was spoiled by The Most Epic Stretch Goal Campaign I've Ever Seen On Kickstarter but just in general, I was hoping to see some loftier goals in place.
Unfortunately, we just can't strive for something that we don't have the resources to produce and we can't set loftier goals that would cost more to achieve than the extra money we'd have to build them. We've already been striving to do all we can in Grim Dawn for 2.5 years and we've built a lot of cool features in that time. Now we're trying to finish the game. The only way we really could add significant new features that required programming at this point is if we could hire more programmers and we're a long way off from reaching the level of funding where that would be possible.

Orge has the most epic stretch goals ever because at 4618% funded, they're one of the most over-funded projects ever. Their first stretch goal comes at 200% funding... Our first stretch goal is at 125% funding and our highest stretch goal is less than 175% funding. The things we're promising need to be small and incremental because that's all we can afford at that level.

It is really an even worse comparison than that though, since Steve Jackson said Orge was basically done, they were planning to print 3000 and they were on Kickstarter to gauge interest, do pre-orders and see if they could do more. So basically, even from the start, Ogre is a stretch-goal project. Grim Dawn is a project where we need your help to finish the game.

Even if you look at Wasteland 2, they made 325% of their funding goal but their funding goal is the money needed to develop the entire game from scratch. They got over 3x their entire game budget!

We've already put over $800,000 worth of work into Grim Dawn not even counting the value of the TQ source code, which is probably about $3m worth of development. $800k + $280k x 325% = $3.5m. If we were over a million dollars right now, our stretch goals would look pretty lofty because we'd be able to hire on more than double the team and do all kinds of amazing things. At $2m we'd already have a good budget for our next project and we could do stuff like offer to give away our next game for free to all backers. If we were at $3.5m we'd be giving away ponies to backers and promising to build the next

Its all a matter of scale and sadly we're just operating on a very small scale. Promising a lot more would be like buying a scratch ticket and telling your friend, if you win $5 you'll buy him a beer but if you win $10 you'll buy him a new sports car. Unfortunately, you just can't buy a new sports car for $10...
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