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Default Grim Dawn Expansion Development News

While it's really no secret on the internet, sometimes it helps to spread the message in as many ways as possible. It is a fact that Grim Dawn's first expansion is actively in development and it is coming this year!

You can catch up on all the news on our Development Updates (Expansion updates started with #102)

The latest Grim Misadventure is always pinned here as well, with a new dev update posted every two weeks (typically on Mondays).

[Expansion FAQ]

How much will the expansion cost?
Despite the absolutely massive amount of content heading your way, Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth will be priced at a modest $17.99.

When is the expansion coming?
The expansion is slated to release October 2017.

Will there be new masteries?
Yes! Two in fact, which nearly doubles the total number of class combinations! You can look forward to the esteemed Inquisitor and the enigmatic Necromancer.

Will there be a new chapter of the story?
Absolutely! We are preparing two massive new chapters of Grim Dawn's ongoing tale of the vestiges of humanity struggling against their conquerors. With the Aetherial threat still looming, you will travel to many new locations alongside Inquisitor Creed and the Black Legion. With new locations come many new foes, dungeons and factions.

Will there be an increased Level cap?
Yes. You can look forward to another 15 levels as the level cap is increased to 100. This also means hundreds of powerful new items.

Will there be an increased Devotion cap?
Yes, you can also look forward to 14 new Constellations with a Devotion Cap increased to 55.

What are some of the new features coming with the expansion?
We have exciting things planned for Grim Dawn, the biggest of which is for sure to be the upcoming Illusion System.

New high level items will also feature Skill Modifiers.

You can also look forward to an expanded Personal and Transfer Stash!

To learn more about the expansion, visit the Game Guide.
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