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Originally Posted by alexei View Post
And TQ is actually is dull in combat, that's why medierra put first priority to improve the combat feeling for GD.
I think you just answered your own question.

Sorry for the comedic response. I just feel like I've talked about this quite a bit and I don't think anyone will really be happy with anything I say until we actually put out a video. Personally, I think the combat in GD is already infinitely more satisfying than TQ. We have hit fx, criticals with camera shake, blood spatter, death fx, and ragdoll with dismemberment / gibs. It isn't in yet but we're planning to allow for enemies to be knocked down / back with ragdoll while alive (which wasn't possible in TQ) and get back up. We're making an effort to create more impressive skill fx that feel like they deliver real punch.

Again though, I don't think this question will really be satisfactorily put to rest for anyone until we release a video... and believe me, we're working towards one but we want to make sure it impresses and right now various game systems are being overhauled, which leaves the game in not a very good state to be videoed.

In the meantime, lets try not to lynch anyone! ;p