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Munin 09-13-2017 09:43 PM

[]first try at changing bitmaps fails
For a first try at modding I thought I'd start with something simple like changing the file names of some bitmaps.
Copied the files to the mod, changed them, build mod - no errors.
Started the game, chose custom, chose my mod - no error messages, but the bitmaps used were still the original.
So I checked the .arz and found that the file names are absolute paths rather than relative as in the game's, ie. "[full path]/records/creatures/npcs/merchants/merchantb03.dbr" instead of "records/creatures/npcs/merchants/merchantb03.dbr".
Loaded the file in a hex editor, changed file names and the preceding length int, started mod again - no errors, but the graphics were still the original ones.
Is there something I'm missing, or does the loading of the mod fail and the game just doesn't tell?
I must say that the lack of feedback of the game what happens while loading a mod is unfortunate in this case where it might help debugging the problem, and would be grateful for any pointers what may cause this.

Note: the working directory is not set to the game's, as I want to keep things separate.

Thanks in advance,

Zantai 09-13-2017 09:55 PM

Did you create assets in the Asset Manager for the psd files?

Munin 09-14-2017 11:26 PM

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I forgot to take my medication and in such cases I tend to forget even simple things...
Anyway, I just copied the dbr file and changed the bitmap's file name to one that is already in the game, so it ought to have found the image if my mod was actually overwriting the original as intended, which is something I had and have my doubts about. I didn't add the graphics for the new items, yet - I want to do that after I managed to get a mod to work. But right now new models/textures are not in, just a simple name change as a "10 print 'hello, world' " equivalent of Grim Dawn mods, that's all.
If it would help I could upload the "mod" and add a link here, if this is/I'm not making any sense and want to check yourself.

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