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  • Why Crate?

    It seems to fit perfectly well in a subforum called "Totally Random". Calling your gaming company "Crate".

    But why? Why name your gaming company "Crate"? I can't remember having seen the reason behind this, but I am curious. I don't see a connection between gaming and crates. Perhaps the shipping, but that's a bit farfetched and it seems to be more of a logic name for a publisher than anything. Besides, their only somewhat tangible product is going to be delivered through digital distribution..

    So, unless we get one of the devs shining light on this great enigma, we can discuss wild theories as to why the company is called "Crate".

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    I'm putting it up there along with Chair.
    Praise the sun!


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      "I don't see a connection between gaming and crates."

      What about Valves? Or Relics? How about Gearboxes?

      "I've always felt that a person's intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting points of view he can entertain simultaneously on the same topic."


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        A crate is a box. GD will be sold without a box. Think outside the box.
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          I always thought of a more "rough shod" approach and feel.

          Like refining through process. Seemed kind of Canvas Jacket and Backpack to me.

          Ah well, to each their own.

          EDIT: Addition would be "A La Carte" or more like "A La Crate"
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          It may also be surprising to know that some players prefer different play-styles.
          It is not censorship, it is called Whack a mole.
          I guess it only makes sense for Ghosts'n Goblins to go online. I mean, online is the current realm of people running around in their underwear, and Ghosts'n Goblins pretty much invented running around in your underwear.


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            Because a crate is a cube, & they all work in cubicles..?


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              Y'know, I was wondering the exact same thing the other day... (not to steal from the catch phrase of the forum, but seriously I was)


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                Maybe its an acronym ?


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                  I'm pretty sure it's a riff on the old gaming cliche that whenever developers need props to put in a room the first thing they think of is crates.
                  I would imagine it's a tongue-in-cheek reference to that fact.


                  It could also be a reference to the idea that crates in games often when opened contain goodies.


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                    Originally posted by Betrayer View Post
                    It could also be a reference to the idea that crates in games often when opened contain goodies.
                    Very logical, but if it were me, I would have called the company BonePile
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                      Maybe it's that Crate rhymes with "great".

                      Or, if you spell it backwards... etarc... which sounds awesome.

                      If we rearrange the letters we get Trace... and I like tracing... it's fun.

                      Or lets see what's next to these letters to find a secret word:

                      Bqzsd ... nope how about ... Dsbuf ... getting closer.

                      This is really a pickle if you ask me. Mmm if I ever create a gaming company, it will be called Pickle.
                      "No Turtles" was just the weirdest request I had ever seen, so I had to do something in the spirit of that.


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                        Meh, if I'd ever start a gaming company I'd call it Deus Ex Machina.
                        That's even more pretentious than Rockstar Games


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                          Now really, there's a great game company called VALVe. Beat that Crate!
                          Today is a good day!


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                            Crate, isnt that what they are living in while developing GD?
                            "When you play GD it will feel like being punched in the face by a drunk grizzly bear. Thats how awesome it is.

                            ... wait is that awesome? ok, how about - its like you're drunk and a grizzly bear is punching you but... no wait... its like you're drunk, you punch a grizzly bear in the face but the bear is also drunk, so it just explodes into gibs."


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                              Living in a Crate? They should be so lucky!

                              It's all they can do to afford a tiny cardboard box, not big enough to cover even one of them. Of course, in my day we didn't have cardboard (the luxury!), and it was a couple of leaves or nothing! And we were glad of it!

                              [relevant youtube link for those not getting this rather old joke]