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  • Crate interview (possible?)

    You know, not sure if this has been posted or not, but wouldn't be really cool if someone can give an interview on the leading Crate devs? medierra, and others, maybe a recorded skype interview or something similar? I think this would also help to get the game and the company known a lot more, so the interveiw could be about the progress of the game, how Crate formed, (well we know that, but would be nice to hear from the devs themselves) and the future if Crate and GD

    with so many interviews on trailers on D3 and their devs, (and becoming less and less impressed each day, they are flogging a dead horse IMO)

    would be good if someone could do an interview on Crate's devs, I know Crate have said they aren't wanting to compete with D3, but I think in temrs of advertising GD, a bit of a background on the Crate team, I think would do wonders

    its just an idea, but what do others think? and has this been posted before?

    wasn't sure where to post this, but move it to the correct forum if its in the wrong place

    I think personally, I would love to know more on the team, and their hopes for the future,
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    You know, it definitely makes sense to do something like this for many reasons some of which you already listed, of course if they have time between their already busy schedules of course. I personally enjoy watching/listening/reading developer interviews.
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      Have you seen this?


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        no I not seen that, that is interesting, oh well, never mind then
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        Co-op Digital Deluxe Bundle supporter I hope GD is a success


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          I don't think this has been posted on the forums yet, and it fits the thread perfectly. It's just three hours old I think.


          Looks like RPS wanted to catch readers after all the talk of D3.
          Good going med, great interview!

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            Nice to see you at RPS

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