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    Ok, ok, lets all keep things friendly here gentlemen!


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      db0, instead of arguing here, please go out and prove your statements. Here is a list of tasks for you.

      A) Create an organization for the purpose of open sourcing the TQ engine. You will be limited to community pledges, and you will be required to put these into escrow until such time as you have enough to meet the demands of the TQ engine license holder. If you are unable to, you will be required to return all funds to the individuals that contributed them. Please be advised that you will most likely be forced to hire lawyers and accountants to ensure that what you are doing is legal and determine your tax liabilities.

      B) Form a team and create a fully fledged game which is of equal quality to most other retail games under this newly open source engine.

      C) Continue to support your game for a reasonable period on the donations of the community and any income that you receive for the game.

      D) Report back to us on your results. This will provide a basis for your arguments.
      Yukkuri shiteitte ne!!

      ⑨ atama mo warui.


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        Nothing against db0 and not really due to karmacappa's last post. I was just sort of happy that this thread petered out. Now it will stay that way.

        TQ's engine is in GD but not owned by Crate.

        Lots of more interesting and relevant things to see here, so please move along.
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