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    My comments arent meant as a negative to the Grim Dawn developers, just responding to comments made about the lack of story, content etc. in POE. POE may have more people working on iit now, but it started from sratch with just a few people, and they didnt have an existing game engine (TQ) to start with.

    Both games are going to be great, my point is, lets just enjoy the riches and enjoy both without trying to pick apart what someone else is doing. I just wanted to point out to the developers what another team was doing, maybe they can see the potential.


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      I'm glad GGG did what they did and how they did

      First of all, they gave us a wonderful game imo. They also made a good chunk of it available to the public early on a sliding scale. $10-$1000 thats a very wide margin and the only one you don't get a supporter tag is the 10 dollar amount so i can still drive a VW and get the tag showing my support of an awesome game and Dev's that care to stick by a promise of no pay to play and no pay to win

      i seriously wish Grim Dawn will do the same, as i am sure it is also an awesome game unlike d3 which will probably most likely be fun but mediocre at best


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        After reflecting on some of the things I posted about PoE, I've had a complete rethink. I overreacted on things that I said and can understand what the devs are trying to do as long as they stay on the 'no pay too win' path.

        The game is fun and the skill tree makes for some interesting builds. The MP also works very well. I started to feel guilty playing it and enjoying it for free so decided to pay the same amount that a normal game would cost (around 30), to invest in it's future. That buys the Bronze pack.